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Likewise, there are luxury brands who are not comfortable selling online, or do so only partially. Take LV for example. While they have a website and you can browse products, you cannot purchase them with a few clicks of the keyboard. You have to call for further inquiries. The other thing that happened this week, prompting this column, was the discovery of an interview of Ramesh Nair, the Indian born creative director of Moynat, the French luxury luggage manufacturer. In the interview, which was conducted in 2015, Nair says, “I don’t think I will ever get into mass production. It’s something we won’t compromise on. I hate compromising.” Moynat too have a website, but once again, you have to call them if you are interested in a product. Chanel is another house that would rather stay offline, as much as possible. In an interview to a fashion magazine last year, Bruno Pavlovsky, the brand’s president of fashion, said, “If you try to define what is luxury today and ask the customers, first of all they think about the quality of the products, and then the exclusivity. We need to not forget in this world where everything is digital, that keeping this exclusivity is an important way to engage with customers.” Logically, the age and bank balance of a customer determine their preferred mode of luxury shopping.

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